© THETA Ingenieurbüro GmbH 2018 Thermal Network Library Example   A solid-insulated, infinitely long tubular copper conductor is enclosed by a housing. In the gap between the solid insulation and the housing, oil functions as an insulating gas (fig. 1). In the thermal network (fig. 2), the processes of conduction, radiation and convection are emulated dependently on the geometry of the arrangement, the time-dependent environmental conditions and the load current (fig. 3; 4) that the arrangement is exposed to. While doing so, the thermal capacity of the arrangement is taken into account. The temperature calculations (fig. 5) are carried out dynamically and dependently on time. Cross Section of the Conductor Fig. 1: Cross Section of the   Conductor Thermal Network of the Arrangement Fig. 2: Thermal Network of   the Arrangement Performance of the Solar and Sky Radiation Fig. 3: Performance of the So-  lar and Sky Radiation Load Current Fig. 4: Load Current Calculated Temperatures Fig. 5: Calculated   Temperatures (Click on an image to enlarge it.) back