© THETA Ingenieurbüro GmbH 2018 Back to overview Input mask Results Report preview Help Fig. 1: Input mask Fig. 2: Results Fig. 3: Printable report Fig. 4: Help Static pressure calculation   The software is a windows-based program for quasi-statical calculation of overpressure in switch gear and buildings in case of an electrical arc. The pressure is being calculated under the assumption that the pressure spreads simultaneous and evenly in the entire volume. With the software one can simulate the pressure relief of the functional unit into a switch gear room, 3 further rooms and into the environment. Thereby arc incidents can be calculated in air- and SF6-insulated switch gear. The results are shown as maximum values and as a chronological sequence (see Fig. 2). The results can be exported to a Textfile or an Excel-sheet. The printout of a report is also possible (see Fig. 3). In the distributed Helpfile all input parameters are described in detail (see Fig. 4). For an introduction into the topic and the software we offer you individual training. Just contact us! Download Trial version (Installer, 5,4 MB)