© THETA Ingenieurbüro GmbH 2018 Microohm Meter   The status of an electrical joint is describable with its the electrical resistance. One of the largest influences of the status of the joint is the quality of assembly, that determines the residual lifetime. A preventive step against bad joints will be taken by measuring of the electrical resistance of the joint. An infared measurement is also a possebility to get the latest status of loaded electrical joints. If an inspection would be necessary due to high temperatures detected by an infrared measurement or the installation will pass the maintenance interval it is recommended to measure all electrical joints after maintenance to reach long lasting joints. Advantages of the microohm meter (Flyer) (Video):     easy to handle     low weight: indoor version: 3 kg / 6,5 lbs, outdoor version: 9 kg / 20 lbs     adjustable test current: 10 ... 90 A     Size: 85*250*260 mm / 3,5*10*20 inch     automatic choice of measuring range     Measuring range: 10 nΩ ... 500 mΩ (extendable to 1,5 Ω upon request)     Resolution: 1 nΩ     Precision: s. Image Back to overview (Click on the images to enlarge them) Mikroohmmeter LoRe for indoor use Mikroohmmeter LoRe for outdoor use