© THETA Ingenieurbüro GmbH 2018 Infrared Diagnosis Infrared and Residual Lifetime Diagnosis   Electrical devices age. This means that the power losses produced in them increase constantly. Nevertheless, it is the general aim to operate electrical installations intensively and as long as possible since they are extremely expensive. As a consequence, such installations have to be inspected regularly. In order to avoid a break in the distribution of electrical energy while the diagnosis is being carried out, infrared cameras are used. They allow a touchless temperature taking. The actual problem, however, does nowadays not consist in the temperature taking but in the evaluation of the measurements. All the methods that have been in use up to now evaluate exclusively the temperature of the joint in question without considering the influences that the environment has on the joint. It is thus impossible to gain reliable information about the state of the joint. Therefore, THETA, the Institute of Highvoltage and Highcurrent at Dresden University of Technology, RIBE GmbH & Co. KG Elektroarmaturen and Siemens AG I&S IS PGD 5 have jointly developed a method that allows to determine the residual lifetime of electrical installations out of their respective temperatures, ambient conditions and loads. There is an European patent on this method. The reliable information that you can gain with the help of our infrared diagnosis puts you into the position to minimise the risk of failure of your electrical installations and to plan a state-orientated maintenance. Watch our video about Infrared Diagnosis to learn more about this topic! Some Example Pictures: (Click on the pictures to enlarge them) Return to Overview